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Are you recession ready?
  • Getting the right systems will ensure you don't spend unnecessarily, that you gain the features you need and maintain some flexibility to adapt to tomorrow.
  • Call Connect gives you access to over 25 years experience in phone installations and services to micro and medium sized business.





NEC-Philips XN120, panasonic business phones, nec phone systems

Now your new telephone system:

can record your phone calls
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Delivery within 14 days.



panasonic business phones, nec phone systems ,Panasonic Phone System

Use your existing BT lines and get a low-cost, highly featured small business system.

Answer calls, hold and transfer from any extension, with caller id and speakerphone.

Extensive Accessories.

Keep on the Move!

Mobile Broadband

Work Fast

From only £12.50 per month

Connection up to four times faster than other 3G solutions

No BT monthly line rental!

Less than four of you?

Systems features without
System purchase!


Ideal system solution for up to three users.

No need to acquire a phone system.

Combine it with mobile email solution for a flexible micro office environment